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Buyers today have an opportunity to enjoy the same level of effective, confidential and professional services that historically were available only to the seller. Buyer consumers now control their own inside track.

Some of the needs served by a Buyer's Broker include:

bulletNeeds & Goals Assessment: Enables a buyer to obtain counseling confidentially with a Buyer Broker without fear of harming their negotiation position. The Buyer Broker owes undivided loyalty to their buyer-client.
bulletAssistance With Property Selection: Help in finding the best property, with access to the entire market. Properties not listed for sale, For Sale By Owner Properties, and lender owned properties are all possibilities with a buyer broker's assistance.
bulletAssistance With Property Evaluation: Objective evaluations to determine positives and negatives, would all be available with the advice and guidance of a buyer broker.
bulletStructuring the Purchase Offer and Negotiation: Not enough can be said about the importance of crafting a winning strategy during this phase of the home buying process. The inclusion of protective clauses in purchase offers, proposing alternative financing arrangements, and implementing negotiating strategies designed to maximize the buyers' goals are crucial during the negotiation phase.
bulletPre-Closing Follow Through: The successful resolution of pre and post closing issues that may have arisen during the negotiation and offer process must be accomplished to the buyer's satisfaction. This may include setting up appraisals, inspections, solving issues that arise from appraisals and inspections, and keeping the closing process on track.

A buyer agent's role as a good communicator is key here. I take that part of my profession seriously and consider myself as 1. A communicator. 2. A problem solver. 3. A facilitator to see the contract through closing.

If you want professional and courteous service from your Buyer Representative then I'm your broker.